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Welcome, gentlemen to the only place you need to know in Amsterdam when it comes to getting yourself completely remade to be completely amazing. Here at Dylan's Downtown we are so much more than just a barber. We are so much more than just a centre for male grooming excellence. We are so much more than just another place where you can get one or another part of a true complete manly overwhelming fully refreshing experience thing. Here you can get the whole shebang. Haircut. Shave with a big knife. Chest cleaning. Leg rub. Foot touching. It all!

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Why is this 'hairs moment'?   We are living in a boom time for male grooming. A new generation of men care about their appearance and want to recapture the barber shop experience that they feel their generation never had. What do you think about that? What do you think the boom in traditionalist male grooming centres means? We'd love to know. Back in Ancient Egypt hair cuts said a lot about a person. They were really all about your social status. Haircuts were reflective of your wealth, of your age, of your marital status, of your political power, of your occupation and many other things. An interesting thing in Ancient Egypt was that gender was not much of a determiner when it came to hair cut. Men or women would have hair cuts ranging from clean shaven with a little bit poking off the side to full long locks hanging to the shoulders. What a world! Younger Egyptians where encouraged to have a shaved head until they came of age but would keep a little tuft on the side as a 'lock of youth'. Teenagers and their crazy hair cuts huh? They were big on decorations too, people would get all sorts of things in their hair from lotus blossom to linen ribbons. Pretty cool people back then it seems. The richer women where also big on the tiaras made of gold and that kind of stuff, but the poorer would settle for a band circling the hair with an ivory pin it or something of the like.

Greeks and hair.

In Ancient Greece people preferred much, much longer hair which they would let run free and wild or keep tied up. Such was the fancy of the Greeks. Crazy Greeks!


In Rome everyone shaved all their hair off once a year to represent the cleansing revolution of the seasons . Because every year is born and dies. Every year has a life. Every year has its time and then it is gone, forever. Just like us, just like this earth, just like every city and every civilization. And just like the hair. Hair comes and goes, and its a cleansing thing to take it away from people. Its an honour, every time.